Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Other Side of the Mirror

What do you see on the other side of the mirror every morning? I see a different person every single day. Today was a bit weird. I saw a person in a wedding dress. In couture, mind you. Does it mean bells are about to ring? Or is it just my frustration of being a bride? Oh well, we all want our own fantasy weddings in one way or another.


Would you like a trail as long as hers?

Or would like to be a pregnant bride?

Or why not a military wedding with a war tank as you limo?

Or better yet, a zombie inspired wedding!

We all have our own eccentric wedding ideas, yet mine is a bit pa-sweet.. :-)

I wanted a neo-eclectic inspired wedding. A mix of the old and the now.

This Givenchy will prolly be my march dress

And this as my party/reception dress...

My entourage...

Lovely right! :-) Haay... I wondered tuloy how am I gonna look like in a wedding dress?? Nyarks! Kinda scary! Haha!

Goodluck to all my upcoming brides and to all future brides! :-)


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