Friday, January 22, 2010

Makeup Disasters!!! PART 1

*Iza Calzado for High Profile Mag

Have you encountered a makeup disaster? Or were you tagged on a photo with you looking like Ju-on or kabuki dancer? As a beauty artist, this is probably the first thing I notice more than a what a person is wearing or some nasty shoes! Especially with today's digital buddies such as camera phones and digicams, I'm sure you were able to catch at least one makeup oh-no-no's... I myself is afraid of the Sony Cybershot cams, for it gives any made-up face a certain 'glowww'! Here's recently tagged hideous photo of me in HK.

Eeekkyy ryt?? Haha! Foundation day talaga!

This 'Makeup Disaster' folder has been in my external hard drive since college. Yes dear. Ever since I got my Nokia 7610, me & Matt Gozun got addicted to self-portraits. (and our very famous rock-c*ck collection!)... And up to now, marami pa ring victims! Let's face it, we all want a little help when we're on such public display. But sometimes, we can't say if it's too much or not! :-) So, I'm finally revealing the best of the best from the collection!! Hee hee! I was actually kinda hesitant to post 'em, coz these are my friends! Pero sige na, deadma na! They've all learned from it anyway...

EVIDENCE # 1 (Bad Foundation)

This was taken in Boracay in 2004 by my cousin Rexcy (right) & with my bestfriend (left), na itago nalang natin sa pangalang Jerol Villadolid. Hahaha! I was LOLing hard (& LMAO pa) when I saw this photo from the digicam. As in! And until now, natatawa parin ako! But the good news is, Jerol's makeup had improved ever since this photo was taken and been laughed out by friends!

TIP: Makeup should be at its minimal while you are at the beach. The lesser pancake you have, the better. You may use a tinted moisturizer on your face and dab a bit of concealer on the desired areas such as your undereye, scars, blemishes, etc. The most important thing that you should remember is to use a concealer that matches your skin tone.

EVIDENCE # 2 (Concealer Madness)

A photo taken from the FACE 2 FACE Beauty Exhibit with me and good friend Rainier Mateos. This is actually a common makeup mistake, putting on the right concealer. Oh well, maganda na si sis ngayon, so he doesn't need makeup at all! Haha! Mwah

TIP: If your circles are recessed, you should choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. If they are puffy, use a tad darker. You should choose one that provides good coverage and light texture. Also, you must take note that yellow concealers are good for covering up bluish or greyish circles, while a mauve or light blue concealer can mask brown eyebags.

EVIDENCE # 3 (Color Correct)

A photo with my friend Krissy Mira and Dale during my website launch @ Government 2 years ago. I always tell Krissy to get a foundation color of her skin tone and color, pero most pinay women talaga are used on wearing makeup that is (too much) lighter than their natural color. Well sometimes you can't blame society who thinks tan looks 'dirty' or not as cute :-) ... Oh well, so pasok ka ngayon sa makeup disaster sis

TIP: After reading this and you're in doubt, go buy yourself a new foundation!

EVIDENCE # 4 (Concealer as an all-over-the-face Product)

Eyyeeloveet!! This is Buern Rodriguez's attempt in doing the 'pale-look'! Haha! Pale face and lips to the Nth level! I love your bravery gurl and took the risk, but this look is a total FAIL! :-) Well well well, this may be a makeup disaster, but Buern's makeup has improved since THIS hideous photo! :-)! :-)

TIP: Simple. Don't use concealer all over the face. Especially the lips! :-)

Doncha love it? :-) These pictures are priceless! Now, do you have a makeup disaster photo to share? Go go go! For now, here's an essential guide on picking the PERFECT SHADE!

  • Consider your skin type! Before you pick the right shade, you need to find out the right formulation for your skin. Are you oily? Dry? Combination?
  • Pick the right formula. If you're oily, look for words like 'oil-free' or 'oil-control' on the bottle. Got dry skin? Go for moisturizing foundations with 'hydrating' or 'moisture-rich' wording on the bottle. For combo skin, determine if you're more oily or dry and go from there. Cream-to-powder bases work great for combo skin.
  • Select a few colors that seem close to your natural skin tone. Go for the yellow-based foundations, which look most natural on all skin tones. However, if you're very fair, try a pink, cooler shade.
  • Apply a couple dots of each color on areas of your jawline (the inner wrist or hand aren't the best spots, contrary to popular belief).
  • Take a good, long look -- near a window. Step outside, to see which foundation looks best in the natural light. The right shade is one that you can't see because it blends in so well.




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