Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Funny Pics

You might have seen some, but just for laughs. :-)

Ano po?

Di porket may SLR ka, photographer kana

Ooppss, bawi ka nalang question & answer

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beau Con 2

Thiz izz it!!! I found Geof Gonzales' photos when he joined a beaucon last year! :-) Looks supperrrr fun!!! And in firnezzz, ang ganda ng fez! :-P

Ok prep muna. Beauuuuttiipul ang peg! :-)

O diba! Deepset! Eyyeeloveet! :-) Hair & makeup by our good friend Raymond Santiago! :-)

Raymond Santiago


Effort ang costumes diba!!!

Group shot! :-) Kunwari walang competition.. Chikahan kuno, 'O sis, everyone naman is a winner dibaaaa!!! :-)

Rampa na!

Itago natin ang taba...


CASUAL WEAR! Makeup check muna...


Ok, inom muna

Fresh naman... So go!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lovi Poe Look-A-Like

Lovi Poe Look-A-Like daw po. Medj medj... Sige na nga.

Why I love my apprentice

My favorite apprentice 'Apple' is the best! She's the ultimate apprentice ever! She does everything, literally. Review new products, updates my student's requirements... Assists, carry loads, sometimes my driver to shoots!

Now, we're both busy checking out independent suppliers for my students' supplies. We're comparing each and every cosmetic which should pass good quality in an affordable/reasonable price.

She can be a beauty blogger/writer someday. :-)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tim Yap Unleashes His Inner Animal


Last night @ Encore was Tim's Birthday and everyone went RAAAWWRRR!!! Here are some photos I took and will be posting more soon. :-) BTW, for years and years of NEVER winning in any raffle draws (big or small), I finally won a prize! :-) It's a Philosykos by Diptique set! Eyeeeloveet! :-) Thanks! Tim! Happy Birthday! :-)

What we wore: Me in a Puey Quinones animal print vest, Dolce & Gabbana shirt
 and Lanvin sneaks. Dale in a Topman ensemble.

The huge photo from the Face 2 Face Beauty Exhibit! :-)


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last night @ Jujiin's 'Exhibit No. 1'

I’m delirious with happiness as I type this! :-) Today's post is extra special. We all have heard about the success of Jujiin Samonte's exhibit @ Trilogy last night. People came in their fab outfits and some came with extra fab makeup! :-) Thank goodness I had my camera!

First photo-op (Dale, Matt, Chi, Buern & Foxe)
Ooops, spotted!!! Hahaha! :-)

Stacy & Nica

Martin, Divine, Matt, David & Buern

Divine Lee (Makeup by yours truly & fab hair by Buern!)

Ria Bolivar, Sarah Meiers, Xtina and Grendel... (Makeup by yours truly & fab hair by Ruel Papa & Nante Alingasa!)

And more more more photo installations

Matt, me, Shahani & Chi

Ok, labas muna to smoke...

Divine, Tim & Jujiin

With Jan

and my fave?

GOTCHAAA!!!!! :-) Pasok na pasok ka sa list ma'am! :-)

And, a picture with him as a souvenir... :-)

Hihihi! :-P   Enjoy your weekend guys! :-)

Friday, January 29, 2010


If you think you're gay.. Think again.. Baka nalilito ka lang..

The gayest thing ever.

*actually wish ko gumawa ng vid like this... wish lang naman. :-)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dental Realizations

I visited my dentist today for I'm feeling a bit of discomfort whenever I'm biting. A little achy. Ever since,  I've always had fear on losing my teeth. I dream about it a lot. I know some may say, it's bad luck. But for me, it's just simply a frustration. I'm scared because I smoke, and as they say, it's a big chance of you losing your teeth with nicotine. Though I rarely smile and show my teeth on pictures, I still want them intact forever.

My dentist since birth Dr. Riza de Leon, (who's the best dentist ever!!!) advised me that I do not have to worry anything besides the usual dental care. And of course, the mandatory cleaning every 3 months (not 6 months!). She explains how new dental technology had evolved and new treatments/services are now readily available to save one's teeth. All you need is a big investment. No prob. *Happy* So, if us ghels invests on $3,000 handbags, why not on a dental procedure ryt?

So anyways, my dentist advised me to switch to a lighter toothbrush because I have been over-brushing. Yes I'm guilty. Ok ok. And have regular cleaning because of the nicotine. OK.

I was so delighted that somehow, I got rid of my dentures/jacket fear. I am NOT against these people wearing jackets, implants or dentures. And I don't mind if you are wearing one. It's not something I laugh about. I am just not comfortable of having one. YET.

I also remember telling my dentist to start creating a form on my existing teeth, so when the time everything falls off, we know exactly the size of my previous teeth was. She was just LOLing hard. Ok ok. This is just praning moment... nuff

But what's really weird is, people don't talk about dental esthetics at all? I mean, I don't see tweets or facebook statuses that goes, "Going to have my teeth jacket repaired today! Excited!"  OR  "Finally getting my dentures!! Yey!"   But it's OK to say, "My gawd, my hair is soo overly-damaged na and I soo need a hair repair treatment!"

Hahaha! Wala lang.. Just a thought.. For me, it's both esthetics, which deals with the nature of beauty. Same shit. :-)