Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beau Con

BeauCon as the ghels say it (from Beauty Contest), is one of the most anticipated events in a baranggay (probably next to singing contest). This is one of my childhood frustrations, growing up in a city-vill, I never had a chance to participate or even watch in any gay pageant ever. Sometimes I wished I lived in a place like Pasay or Manila, where beau cons are being held almost every week! (Actually my cousin Alex Rada joined a beaucon when he was in college). I can still remember that he had won 1st runner up and if I'm not mistaken, Best in Swimwear (?).. :-) Aww, it's fun to play dress-up once in a while...

When Geof Gonzales' facebook was still up, I can remember him joining this beaucon in a baranggay in Manila where he lives. He was all glammed-up by Raymond Santiago and his friends. I was trying to look for the photos so I could share with you guys, pero di ko makita... So deadz.

Anyways, I was doing my normal morning facebooking/twittering when I saw this photos in facebook.

BEAU CON!!! Eyeelovvveeeet!!


BEAUUTTTIPPUULL!!! :-) In fairness, check ang funda! :-)

Ok, swimsuit na! Time for that ipit/tape!!!

More tape para sure na sure!!

Ay, parang keri rin na meron sa boobs!

Ay true, Gawin nalang naten swimsuit ang masking tape!! Goooo!!!!

O dibaaa!!!!!!! Bungga!!!!

Keri ba??? Lady Gaga lang ang labanan!

Itago muna, baka gayahin ng mga finalists, lam mo yan. Inggitera ang mga ghels!

Pasok!!! At syempre nawindang pati ang mga finalists! Haha!

 Ok close ko muna.. LOL

Long Gown

Wait, long gown nga ba?? Naloka ako sa knife ha!


  1. who dat is serrrrr?!!! i don't recognize him.

  2. bongga! pasok sa banga ang swim wear! lols

  3. di ko rin po sila kilala... only the one who styled him, Geof Gonzales... :-)

  4. @dino: diba!!! lady gaga lang!! haha

  5. His name is Brent.

    Found this site sa net, may mga pics ni Geof nung beau con niya - http://kingandrewpatrick.multiply.com/photos/album/68/012409_Beau_Con_Jeff