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Dark Underams?? Yes, There's solution....

I know, this is weird and a bit awkward discussing about 'kili-kili's' but I think it is also important for us ghels and gurls to know. I tried posting a dark underarm picture, pero di kinaya. Eeeky! Posted a safe and breezy photo instead! Haha! BTW, a reader twittered and suggested to discuss about dark armpits, so here you go. So why not diba?... I know what you're thinking gurl!! My underarms are not dark! Okkk! So if you think you do, then read on. If not, read on paren, kasi baka in the future you might need this info, you'll never know!

Cause #1: Shaving.
When you shave you cut the hairs off at, or just below, the surface of the skin. If your hairs are slightly darker than your skin color, they can give the appearance that your skin has a dark stain when it`s really just sub-surface hair.

What To Do About It: Stop shaving and try waxing instead so you get rid of the hair below the skin surface. Since the hairs aren’t lurking so close to the top of your skin, they won’t be as visible.

Cause #2: Buildup of dead skin cells.
Dark spots under your arms are the result of dead skin cells that are trapped on your skin.

What To Do About It: Exfoliate, preferably with a product containing lactic acid.

Cause #3: Antiperspirant and deodorant usage.
In theory, some ingredients in these products (perhaps the fragrance) could be reacting with the skin to cause discoloration.

What To Do About It: Try switching brands or use a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant. Or better yet, a deodorizing powder.

Cause #4: A medical condition called acanthosis nigricans.
This condition causes light-brown-to-black markings on the neck, under the arms, or in the groin. It can be related to insulin production or to a glandular disorder and it typically occurs in people who are overweight.

What To Do About It: Watch your diet to control insulin production.

Cause #5: Hyper-pigmentation.
This condition causes your skin to produce excess melanin pigment. It doesn`t usually affect armpits, so it’s a less likely cause.

What To Do About It: Use a skin bleaching cream to destroy the excess melanin. You can also try laser treatment to destroy the pigment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have dark armpits. How can I get rid of this problem?
A: Do not apply anti-perspirants to your underarm area, use anti-fungal powder. Wax your underarms, do not shave them, and do NOT use hair removal cream

Q: I like to keep me armpits free of hair,so I shave and occassionally wax. Lately I have developed boils which resulted in acne in my armpits and my skin has turned dark. Please give me quick solution that can make my underarm look clear and fair. I often wear sleeveless dresses and now it has been curbed. I look around and I find women around me always shaving yet i dont see stubble or darkness. How come?
A: Results differ from person to person. You may have thicker or darker hair than them, or more sensitive skin. Stop shaving, and start waxing your underarms. Try and stick to the same person for waxing, and make sure she pulls the hair in one direction. The darkness is probably caused by shaving, while the boils could be caused by improper waxing. Also, if you wax regularly the hair growth will lessen and then the pimples will stop forming. 

Q: Why does shaving cause the darkening of underarms? 
A: Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and darker, and this dark hair is often visible under transparent, light skin - which is what makes the skin look darker. Also, waxing removes dead skin, while shaving does not do the same. If you shave underarms regularly, you may want to scrub your underarm area with a pumice stone on a daily basis. This should help combat darkness to an extent. 

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