Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrity Encounters

What would you do if you were asked to style an iconic diva?

A. I would chill to death
B. Kunwari deadma, pero kabado.
C. Drop a tab and make lots of chika
D. 'Her face has no future'

My answer, is all of the above! Siguro I would really be deadma, kasi I don't really like Madonna after all. Atsaka, parang di naman din masyado mataas expectations niya, considering she's been in the business for 3 decades! Sawang-sawa na sa makeup yan! Oh well, it's kinda hard to tell unless you experience such thing. But one thing's for sure, manginginig ka talaga!

I was lucky to do Mandy Moore's makeup during her 2nd concert here in Manila last 2006. And I was suuupppeerr oveerrr to the maxxxx excited! Mandy Moore is one of my fave artists during my teenage years, and you can't say NO to this exclusive offer. I was thrilled to accept the project that was passed on me by Joan Quintas. As soon as we reached her suite door in Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas, I was shaking and couldn't help but puff for some more cigs. Buern, who was doing hair for her was excited as well. She was the one who opened the door and surprised that she was alone in a huge presidential suite. No entourage. No P.A. No Yaya, besides her band who was in a deluxe suite beside her room. She politely directed us to the living room where we should set-up and style her. Then I instructed Buern of the look that I wanted. I envisioned her 'Cry' music video look... She's very ma-chika pala and offered us drinks and snacks pa. And then she queued, 'Shall we start?'. SURENESS. As soon as she's seated, she immediately told us in a 'sweet' manner that she wanted a very simple look that is almost bare. NYARKS! After bringing my huge kit which includes my airbush kit! Eto lang! Chaka ha! So then I asked, sure ka? LOL. 'Yes my dear'. Anyways, she also wanted a simple hair. KERI. Gow.

Pa-picture nalang tayo Buern... Charreeenngg

Then she started telling us a horrific story happened to her a day before. So na-curious kame (kuno!). She had pala a presscon upon arriving her hotel. The organizers sent hair and makeup artists from a salon in Eastwood. According to her, she got murdered. They've used pancake on her face daw that she cannot even move a muscle. Basta in short. Sobrang kapal ng makeup. Done.

PAUSE muna. This is sooo frustrating. Narrating a story is a bull. Nakakapagod in ferrrnez.

Ok game.

So ayun. She didn't show up in her presscon kagad for at least 2 hours. I'm not sure why. But we all know for sure. So she requested for another team. There you have it.

So, when I heard Lady Gaga was coming. I texted all the possible peeps that may let me do her styling for the concert. Kaso, we don't know anyone who works for Ovation. Cecille Zamora texted that she brought her team na. So deadz.

So who's next???


Jusko, mapapaganda ko ba siya? I hope so... Love you sis! Text me naman!


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